Natural Grey Hair Treatment in Malaysia

Bee Choo Origin Herbal Cream covers your grey hair into copper brownish colour. This is due to our natural herbs formulation that allows the herbs to change the colour of your grey hair from the byproduct natural brown colour from the Chinese Herbs that we use. Our prices are transparent and affordable ranging from RM 95 to RM 183 only – no hidden charges, purely based on hair length.

Watch the video above to see our Grey Hair Treatment Process and Before After Outcome (video credits to Bee Choo Ladies)

About Grey Hair & Treatment

Grey hair can be frustrating and annoying. Can one reverse grey hair? Unfortunately you are not able to do so. This is why: the moment melanin production stops in a particular hair follicle, it is permanent. In other words, it means that all hair produced by that follicle will permanently be either white or grey. What most people do to treat their grey hair is to dye it with another colour for e.g. black or other colours. However if you are dying it with chemicals you might want to think twice due to side effects on your well-being, on your health.

Our All Natural Herbal Hair Treatment cover the white and grey colour of your hair with a natural copper brown colour while leaving black hair unchanged. Usually hair colouring treatment changes the colour of both natural (or black) hair and grey hair into the “new” colour. 

Because our herbal treatment is chemical free and plays on the unique strength of the precious Chinese Herbs formulation, it is leaving your natural/black hair unchanged in colour while covering the colour of your grey hair into copper brownish colour. This copper brownish colour originates from the natural herb mixture which contains brownish herbs, hence the natural herb dye takes effect.

Our herbal hair treatment works to improves the health of the scalp, by allowing it to absorb nutrients similar to how humans gain nutrients from eating vitamins and nutritious food. The reason why our herbal hair treatment is effective is because we are able to deliver nutrients essential for your scalp into the roots of your hair on the scalp. 

What is Premature Greying/White Hair?

According to WebMD, hair turns grey when color-producing cells stop producing pigment, says Jeffrey Benabio, MD, a dermatologist at Kaiser Permanente in San Diego. Naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide can also build up in the hair, bleaching the color.

Typically, white people start going grey in their mid-30s, Asians in their late 30s, and African-Americans in their mid-40s. Half of all people have a significant amount of grey hair by the time they turn 50.

A white person is considered to be prematurely grey if his or her hair turns grey by age 20; grey before 30 is early for African-Americans.

When is it common to have white or grey hair?

According to an article on medium comparing Asians and Africans: “74% of people between the ages of 45 and 65 have grey hair, with an average intensity of 27%. Within this age group, men have more grey hairs than women. The age at which hair begins to turn grey and the increase in grey hair with age appear to be clearly linked to ethnic and geographical origin. At a similar age, subjects of Asian or African descent, who have the darkest hair, have fewer grey hairs than those of Caucasian origin, who have lighter hair tones. While men have on average significantly more grey hairs than women of the same age, their hair begins to go grey at the temples, whereas women’s grey hairs are more spread out.”

However it has become increasingly common for Asians in their 30s to experience what is now commonly termed as premature white or grey hair.

What is the cause of having Premature White or Grey hair?

It is normal for hair colour to change, as people age. But white hair can appear at almost any time in life. Even teenagers and people in their 20s may notice strands of white hair. An article from Medical News Today shares that the human body has millions of hair follicles or small sacs lining the skin. The follicles generate hair and colour or pigment cells that contain melanin. Over time, hair follicles lose pigment cells, resulting in white hair colour. 
There can be many causes besides age that result in a person’s hair turning white.  
  1. Any deficiencies of vitamin B-6, B-12, biotinvitamin D, or vitamin E can contribute to premature greying.
  2. Premature greying of a person’s hair is largely connected to genetics, according to a 2013 report in the Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology.
  3. Race and ethnicity play roles, as well. Premature greying in white people can start as early as 20 years old, while a person can be as young as 25 years old among Asians, and 30 years in African-Americans populations, according to the same 2013 study.
  4. While greying is mostly genetic, oxidative stress in the body may play a part when the process happens prematurely. There are conflicting research studies on real-life stress, such as that caused by injury, leading to premature greying.
  5. One study from New York University, reported in Nature Medicine, finds that the cells responsible for hair colour can be depleted when the body is under stress.
  6. A 2015 study in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology also demonstrated that smoking is linked to premature white hair in young men.
  7. Chemical hair dyes and hair products, even shampoos, can contribute to premature hair greying. Many of these products contain harmful ingredients that decrease melanin. Hydrogen peroxide, which is in many hair dyes, is one such harmful chemical. Excessive use of products that beach hair will also eventually cause it to turn white.

Are there any health implications having White or Grey hair?

There is no known health hazards associated  with having white or grey hair. You could also be in the position where you have a perfectly healthy scalp but also tons of white hair. The texture of the white hair is, however, different from that of your normal hair. This is because Melanin supplies the hair with moisture, thus, without Melanin, the white hair seems to have less “bounce” and looks “dead”.

However, some people who have premature white hair find it bothersome from the appearance point of view. To these people it can be stressful and disturbing for some and could even affect their self-confidence, especially for younger men and women.

The most easy way to sabotage yourself is to use chemical dye to dye or bleach your hair. If a person constantly covers his or her white hair using chemical dye, it damages his or her hair and may even damage the scalp should the chemical dye is not done correctly or too harmful ingredients are in there. Many of our customers with hair loss issue mainly have been victims of doing chemical hair dye. If you have to frequently cover your white hair, one of the most healthiest ways is to use natural dye like ours – extracted from precious Chinese herbs. Give your scalp the best natural vitamin.

Benefits of Bee Choo Herbal Hair Treatment (Grey Hair)

Origin Herbal Paste Hair Treatment

For our customers that have white or grey hair often visit us to cover them with our treatment. They also get to kill 2 birds with 1 stone by having their scalp nourished with our precious formulation of Chinese Herbs. By choosing Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment, they are able to cover their grey hair safely to the hair roots without fear of damaging their scalp or their hair ends.

Our herbal hair treatment is:

  • Safe (no injections or any other external tools used)
  • Pain free (application of herbal paste), natural and effective
  • No need to buy packages, you can pay treatment everytime you come
  • Price Transparent
  • Covers white hair with a natural copper brownish colour

However, as our herbal hair treatment is derived from only formulation of pure traditional Chinese herbs, the outcome of your grey hair colour becomes dependent on each batch of herbal paste.

Before and After Herbal Hair Treatment

Right after doing your herbal hair treatment, your grey hair will be covered with a copper brownish colour. However your black hairs will remain unchanged – such is the beauty of our natural herbal treatment (preserving natural hair colour while covering white or grey strands, without chemicals).

white hair before-treatment- origin herbal
Photo credits to Bee Choo Ladies
white hair after-treatment origin herbal
Photo credits to Bee Choo Ladies

Reviews on Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment (Grey Hair)

Hair loss/ Hair thinning

Due to my hair loss problem, I was very distressed and lost confidence. After the hair dropped off, it seemed that new hair never grew. I have tried many hair growth products which they claimed to be effective. I have also used traditional way: using wine and garlic to rub on the hair. But all these methods did not work. I also experienced itchiness after hair wash. My hair thinning had created curiosity that I had hidden disease. 

I came across Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment through friend’s recommendation. After just one month plus of treatment, the density of my hair has shown visible improvement. My friends kept on asking me: what products have you used for hair growth? Actually, we need to be patient to see the effectiveness of hair care therapy at Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment. Now, I have regain my confidence and I am confident in settling whatever matters.

Bee Choo Origin Kepong Branch, Tel: +603-6253 1009

Grey Hair

I had been using hair dyes to cover up my white hair. As I am working in a clinic, I have seen many cases of skin diseases due to chemical dyes. This made me hesitated to chemical based hair dyes. Since I started to dye my hair, more white hair had developed and almost 80% are white hair! I heard from older people the about the myths of dyeing hair will develop more white hair, but I was not aware of the reason behind. Thereafter, I discovered that chemical hair dyes contains Hydrogen Peroxide which will reduce the Melanin content of the scalp. That is why more white hair will develop using hair dyes. 

My friend recommended Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment to me. I then decided to try using Bee Choo Origin herbal hair treatment to cover up the white hair, which I felt more secure and safe. After underwent Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment for more than a year, I was surprised that white hairs are not visible! Just like what the hair care consultant at Bee Choo Origin mentioned: Healthy black hair will grow if the scalp and hair could consume herbs. It is really cool!

Bee Choo Origin Farlim, Penang Branch, Tel: +604-827 8869

Recognition, Accreditation and Awards (Malaysia & Singapore)

Bee Choo Origin is the largest scalp clinic or hair loss treatment salon that delivers effective hair loss treatment in Malaysia, originating from Singapore. There are 21 outlets in Singapore, more than 76 outlets in Malaysia and more than 200 outlets across Asia Pacific. Every year we serve millions of happy customers with effective and proven results with affordable prices. Known for providing effective, affordable scalp treatment, postnatal hair loss treatment, oily itchy scalp treatment, dandruff treatment, amongst other hair issues.

A recognised household brand name, established since 2000, our founder Madam Cheah Bee Chew and her brand has won numerous accolades from Singapore and Malaysian Agencies. To know more about our founder and our business ethics, you may read these two articles written by Business Times Singapore titled “Power of testimonies drives business growth” and “Sincerity before profit“.

Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment Process

Consistently rated as the best Herbal Hair Treatment in Malaysia, our all natural, safe & highly effective herbal hair loss treatment gives your Oily scalp or Dry scalp or even Damaged scalp instant rejuvenation. As we use 100% natural herbs to formulate our special herbal paste, the natural colour of the herb carries a natural copper-coloured dye. This natural dye also plays the role of covering your white hair all the way to the roots! If you are looking for natural hair dye without chemicals, try us out! 

See how it works above in our simple 5 step treatment process:

Step 1: Scalp Scanning + Analysation

Step 2: Apply Ginger Hair Tonic on your Scalp + Scalp Massage

Step 3: Apply Olive Oil onto hair end  

Step 4: Apply Herbal Cream to your scalp and hair

Step 5: Wash & Blow

You can also watch the video showing how our herbal treatment is done (credits to the Thailand Outlet)!

Bee Choo Origin Herbal Treatment Affordable Pricing

We are probably one of the hair loss treatment establishment that is very transparent and honest about pricing. Our prices are calculated based on your hair length between RM 95 to RM 183 for a one session herbal hair treatment. Strictly no hidden charges. You may choose to make upfront payment before treatment 🙂 Both effective and affordable hair treatment for your hair issues.

Give your hair a chance at the Best Herbal Hair Treatment in Malaysia – affordable treatment, effective and reasonable for your budget 🙂 Try it out and visit the outlet nearest to you today!

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