Hair Loss Testimonials & Reviews on Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment

I have been having hair loss problem due to stress. Initially, I was not aware about the problem, until I noticed the reduction in the volume which caused imbalanced from the outlook. I came across Bee Choo Origin from a colleague. I started the treatment with Bee Choo Origin in May last year at the frequency of once a week. The treatment is very effective, new hairs are growing even on the patches of scalp which had turned sleek due to serious hair loss. With Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment, I no longer need any other treatments. Currently, I am using Bee Choo Origin products for hair wash and each time, I will massage the scalp softly. This is not only helping in relieving the tensed scalp, it also helps to relief stress. Our hair will eventually be healthier and glossy.

Jo Ng, 60 years old

Severe Hair Loss

Due to excessive hair dyeing, my scalp became very weak and lead to hair loss. Although I have tried several hair treatment in the famous hair care centre, there wasn’t any improvements to the hair loss problem. This problem was troubling me. Until one day, a friend recommended Bee Choo Origin herbal hair treatment to me. I could felt the different during the treatment, as my hair and scalp became healthier. I have done the treatment reactivates my scalp, and it is definitely better than the ordinary scalp treatment!

Madam Leo

Dandruff / Hair Loss

My dandruff problem was very troublesome, as it made the scalp itchy and very often, it dropped on the clothes. This made me uncomfortable. At the beginning of year 2011, I came across Bee Choo Origin. From that onwards, I started their hair treatment and using their products. As a result, I no longer have dandruff problem and itchy scalp due to sweat. Sebum production has also more balanced. Now my hair becomes healthier and glossy. I am really thankful to the products of Bee Choo Origin which reduce the burden and maintaining good condition of my hair.

Jasmine Chiew, 30 years old


I had seborrheic eczema problem in year 2008. At the initial stage, it appeared in the form of dandruff. The dandruff dropped out just within a few hours after every hair wash. This problem was making me distress and uncomfortable, especially when the scalp was itchy. I have tried to seek advice from a few skin specialists, but the problem still persisted. In an unexpected occasion, I came across Bee Choo Origin. After a session of treatment, I didn’t manage to go for treatment consistently as the centre was too far from my house. Hence there wasn’t a visible improvement to my problem. 

Until year 2011, Bee Choo Origin Herbal Treatment Centre opened a branch in Kluang. I felt very happy as I was able to go for the treatment in that centre. Concurrently, I took the advice from the hair care professional to use the Bee Choo Origin hair care product. In just a few months I got rid of the seborrheic eczema problem. I regain a healthier scalp and glossy hair, also look more energetic. Bee Choo Origin has resolved my scalp problem and slowdown the growth of white hair, it is really benefiting!

Patricia Lee

Seborrheic Eczema

Bee Choo Origin Herbal Awards and Recognitions

Certified with TQCSI in Singapore, Bee Choo Origin surpassed the stringent criteria of the ISO standards and demonstrates consistent ability to enhance customer satisfaction and assurance to deliver quality service which enables Bee Choo Origin to receive a number of awards in the Asia Pacific. We are also featured in Singapore BusinessTimes, check it out here 

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