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The weather in most Asian nations tends to be hot and humid. Thus, people tend to sweat more frequently and easily, causing oily scalp and clogged pores which will eventually lead to hair loss. Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment is targeting to solve these issues, providing consumers an instant rejuvenation on scalp. 

Over the years, Bee Choo Origin has earned the trust of customers through special herbal recipe that yields effective and satisfactory results. Customers have seen a reductions in hair loss and oily scalp after the herbal treatment. The company’s philosophy of integrity and sincerity has enabled the business to establish a good name through customer recommendations. 

 Despite, consistent research in all aspects is always the biggest strike in Bee Choo Origin with the aim to improve the company’s herbal cream and products in return of better quality and results. With top quality of Chinese herbs and the company’s insistence of processing on a daily basis, we could ensure customers the best quality and professional services!

Our Story

Special herbs and formula handed down from human’s ancestors that have been proven to yield effective results can help individuals solve their hair loss, dandruff as well as other scalp and hair issues with specialist treatment. The company’s unique herbal hair treatment is formulated by 100% pure Chinese herbs which are processed on daily basis to ensure their freshness and effectiveness. 

Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment is well-supported by thousands of satisfied customers who are on their ways to improve blood circulation while activating their hair follicle, hence enabling their hair to regrow faster. Apart from that, the customers are also experiencing improvements on their scalp condition and delayed growth of grey hair, as during treatments adequate nutrients are supplied to their hair scalp thereby boosting their self-confidence, besides encouraging the growth of black hair. 

Thus, with proven results in controlling hair loss, oiliness of scalp, growth of grey hair, bacterial infected scalps, we aspire to share our expertise to people who needs help in solving and improving their hair issues. 

The company continues to keep up-to-date to the evolving market, changing trends and consumers’ expectations through constant research and finding ways to improve the quality of its herbal cream. It will always guarantee its customers with the best quality and services they deserve.

Mdm. Cheah Bee Chew         2000       Natural Chinese Herbs

Began with a humble home-based herbal hair treatment solely catering services to her friends with hair problems. Over the years, by words of mouth, Mdm. Cheah has gained trust from customers and soon, the home-based business is no longer enough to cater all the customers’ needs. And thus, here comes the brand, Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment, which operating in Singapore, Malaysia and 11 other nations across Asia Pacific. 

Helping customers in solving their hair issues and providing customers affordable yet effective treatment at premium quality with Natural Chinese Herbs have always been the main objective of the brand. 

It adopts an ancient formula using natural and precious herbs mixture without chemical or preservative in producing signature Herbal Cream. Every products is specifically designed to improve hair condition. 


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