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(All Bee Choo Origin customers and authorised distributors/licensees/retailers)

It has been brought to our attention that there are various false claims and misrepresentations circulating online (and via various means of communication) by certain individuals who are alleging that Bee Choo Origin is somehow endorsing or linked to an unknown and not tested brand, when that is clearly untrue. This has caused some concern amongst our customers, distributors, licensees and retailers. To address this

We, Origin Herbal Hair Treatment Sdn Bhd, hereby declare that:

    1. Origin Herbal Hair Treatment Sdn Bhd is an authorised licensee to manufacture and produce Bee Choo Origin hair treatment paste in accordance to Bee Choo Origin strict protocol.
    2. As Bee Choo Origin is currently undergoing a rebranding exercise (with some modification to our existing registered trade marks and logo), with our key Bee Choo Origin trade name and brand remaining the same.
    3. We do not employ any third party or OEM manufacturers to produce our Bee Choo Origin Herbal paste for distribution or sale.
    4. Our unique Bee Choo Origin Herbal paste developed since Year 2000, comprises of the best quality ingredients that are personally selected and approved by Bee Choo Origin founder, Madam Cheah Bee Chew to ensure that the highest quality of Bee Choo Origin Herbal paste is consistently produced for distribution and sale in Singapore, Malaysia and worldwide.
    5. Bee Choo Origin will continually invest in Research and Development efforts to improve our unique Bee Choo Origin Herbal paste and product formulas to meet the changing needs of our customers.
    6. The list of authorised distributors, licensees and retail outlets carrying our range of Bee Choo Origin products are published on our website www.beechoohair.com. Any other entity/company/retail outlet not listed on our website is not part of Bee Choo Origin authorised distributors/licensees/outlets.
    7. Currently, Bee Choo Origin only recognises and endorses Bee Choo Ladies as an affiliated brand. All other brands that falsely claim to be affiliated or connected or associated with our Bee Choo Origin brand without proper endorsement, risk prosecution under the law.
    8. All Bee Choo Origin hair care products are manufactured by our licensed, authorised factories.
    9. We adhere to strict manufacturing protocols and packaging processes to achieve and maintain high quality Bee Choo Origin products being manufactured by us.
    10. We regulate the high standards and good quality of our Bee Choo Origin products, by following stringent practices when appointing and authorising suitable distributors, licensees and retailers to sell our Bee Choo Origin products to the general public.
    11. We do not produce our unique Bee Choo Origin Herbal paste for anyone or company to use, without Bee Choo Origin proper endorsement and licence.
    12. We do not manufacture OEM products for others to sell under their own brands or share our unique Bee Choo Origin Herbal paste or products formulas with anyone. Any false claims should not be believed.
    13. All customers are advised to be cautious when approached by such company/entity who is capitalising on such false claims to try and boost their business and ride on Bee Choo Origin’s goodwill and reputation build over the years.
    14. We take a serious view of all false claims and misrepresentations made against us regarding the manufacture of our unique Bee Choo Origin Herbal paste and will not hesitate to take legal action against such parties that are spreading such falsehoods/misrepresentations to cause damage to our goodwill and reputation, and/or dilute our Bee Choo Origin brand.
    15. If you encounter any false claims or misrepresentations made against Bee Choo Origin, please do not hesitate to contact us at operationsmy@origin.com.my so that we can take the appropriate measures to stop these false claims or misrepresentations from spreading. Thank you.
      16. If you wish to clarify any of the above, please feel free to send us an email at operationsmy cr origin. com.my
    16. We wish to thank all our customers, distributors, licensees and retailers for your continued support and do look out for more good, high quality Bee Choo Origin products coining your way!










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