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Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment has received strong and loyal support throughout Malaysia in the many years of serving Malaysians. On delivering effective outcomes of hair loss, our herbal hair treatment has consistently proved successful for customers facing hair loss. One of the main reasons that Bee Choo Origin is able to expand rapidly is due to the affordable pricing that we provide. With the company’s belief, that healthy hair does not need to be very costly – and we still strive to live up to our reputation. Affordability with first class effective hair loss treatment only requires RM 95 to RM 183 just a fraction of what others charge.

Should you have hair thinning at the crown and would like to see how we overcome it, you may watch the below video to see how Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Loss Treatment has been effective yet affordable for our customers (video credits from Bee Choo Origin Singapore). 

All Natural Herbal Hair Treatment, Safe, Highly Effective, Affordable Hair Loss Treatment Salon

Why Do We Lose Hair?

How does Hair Loss occur for both Males and Females?

About one out of three women experience hair loss (alopecia) at some time in their lives; whereas amongst the postmenopausal women, as many as 67% of them suffer from hair thinning or bald spots. Hair loss in women often has a bigger impact than hair loss does on men, as it’s less socially acceptable for women to appear with little hair. Alopecia can severely affect a woman’s emotional well-being and confidence if not treated in time and with appropriate treatment. 

According to WebMD, male pattern baldness appears in a telltale shape: you will see a receding hairline with thinning strands around the crown of your head. Over time, more and more hair will drop and that area will go bald, but you’ll still have a horseshoe pattern of hair above your ears circling to the lower back of the head – which makes it common sight in males across the age of 40s.

Research from Harvard Medical School shows that for both men or women, hair loss from androgenetic alopecia occurs due to a genetically determined shortening of anagen, a hair’s growing phase, and a lengthening of the time between the shedding of a hair and the start of a new anagen phase. What does this means? It means it takes longer for hair to start growing back after it is shed in the course of the normal growth cycle. The hair follicle itself also changes, shrinking and producing a shorter, thinner hair shaft — a process called “follicular miniaturization.” As a result, thicker, pigmented, longer-lived “terminal” hairs are replaced by shorter, thinner, non-pigmented hairs called “vellus.”

At what age does Female Hair Loss occurs?

An article about age of hair loss from the Huffington Post asserts a hard truth: that most of us have a head of hair far from what you’d call lush, and the reality only gets more sad as we age. One in three women will notice hair thinning or hair loss after age 30, and it can start as early as the 20s.

At what age does Male Hair Loss occurs?

Male hair loss typically affects men starting from about the age of 30. It is also known as inherited male pattern baldness and androgenetic alopecia. It is an inherited condition that involves hair loss as you get older. It can be inherited from either your mother or father or both of your parents. How quickly or slowly your hair loss progresses and the pattern of hair loss are also accelerated by ones’ lifestyle and eating diets as well as haircare products.

What are some factors that leads to Hair Loss?

  • Genetics – About 50% of hair loss cases are hereditary.
  • Internal Conditions –  Hormonal influences, such as thyroid diseases and anaemia. Pregnancy is a big cause of hormonal changes as well, usually women lose a lot of hair after giving birth also known as postpartum hair loss. 
  • Autoimmune diseases –  Known as alopecia areata, the body’s immune system attacks its own hair follicles causing patchy hair loss, could be due to intake of food/diet or lifestyle or other unknown factors.
  • External factors –  Lifestyle and other habits such as daily bunning of hair, tight braiding, prolonged wearing of headgear, excessive use of hair wax/gel/spray and dyeing/rebonding/perming of hair basically any actions that goes against the natural hair movement.
  • Medication – Anabolic steroids, birth control pills, antidepressants and sleeping pills can also cause hair loss due to side effects.
  • Reference taken from Bee Choo Ladies Singapore

Benefits of Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment

Origin Herbal Paste Hair Treatment

In Malaysia, there are many types of hair treatment providers claiming to be able to help reverse hair loss. Some of these treatments involve injections to the scalp, or even hair transplantation which can be painful and expensive while results may not be seen. Some even have negative side effects (as they use chemicals) and many of them are extremely costly and not price-transparent. This means you likely would have to spend plenty of money just to try. Others claim to be herbal hair treatment as well. But, we are confident that as the effective long standing brand in Malaysia and Singapore, we Bee Choo Origin is providing consumers the best quality of services. 

Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment is popular and constantly trusted across the years because our herbal hair treatment is:

  • Safe and non-invasive (nothing painful)
  • 100% natural Chinese precious herbs and effective
  • You can do one treatment at a time, pay every time
  • Price Transparent and Affordable at RM 95 to RM 183 only

However, because we do not use chemicals but only use traditional Chinese precious herbs, like Ginseng, He Shou Wu, Dang Gui, Ling Zhi etc, we are not able to control the colour density outcome. Due to the herbal colour, it will “convert” your grey hair to brownish copper colour while leaving your black hair unchanged. This is the beauty of natural herbs and the unique formula that we use. 

Benefits of Origin Herbal Hair Loss Treatment (100% Natural)​ 1
Photo Review from Sara
Benefits of Origin Herbal Hair Loss Treatment (100% Natural)​ 2
Photo Review from Sara
Benefits of Origin Herbal Hair Loss Treatment (100% Natural)​ 3
Photo Review from Sara

Here’s how the treatment would be like – simple, no pain, effective and affordable. Read more from Sara’s blog review here.

Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment Process

Consistently rated as the best Herbal Hair Treatment in Malaysia, our all natural, safe & highly effective herbal hair loss treatment gives your Oily scalp or Dry scalp or even Damaged scalp instant rejuvenation. As we use 100% natural herbs to formulate our special herbal cream, the natural colour of the herb carries a natural copper-coloured dye. This natural dye also plays the role of covering your grey hair all the way to the roots! If you are looking for natural hair dye without chemicals, try us out! 

See how it works above in our simple 5 step treatment process:

Step 1: Scalp Scanning + Analysation

Step 2: Apply Ginger Hair Tonic on your Scalp + Scalp Massage

Step 3: Apply Olive Oil onto hair end  

Step 4: Apply Herbal Cream to your scalp and hair

Step 5: Wash & Blow

You can also watch the video showing how our herbal treatment is done (credits to the Thailand Outlet)!

Reviews on Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment (Hair Loss)

Hair loss/ Hair thinning

Due to my hair loss problem, I was very distressed and lost confidence. After the hair dropped off, it seemed that new hair never grew. I have tried many hair growth products which they claimed to be effective. I have also used traditional way: using wine and garlic to rub on the hair. But all these methods did not work. I also experienced itchiness after hair wash. My hair thinning had created curiosity that I had hidden disease. 

I came across Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment through friend’s recommendation. After just one month plus of treatment, the density of my hair has shown visible improvement. My friends kept on asking me: what products have you used for hair growth? Actually, we need to be patient to see the effectiveness of hair care therapy at Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment. Now, I have regain my confidence and I am confident in settling whatever matters.

Bee Choo Origin Kepong Branch, Tel: +603-6253 1009

White Hair

I had been using hair dyes to cover up my white hair. As I am working in a clinic, I have seen many cases of skin diseases due to chemical dyes. This made me hesitated to chemical based hair dyes. Since I started to dye my hair, more white hair had developed and almost 80% are white hair! I heard from older people the about the myths of dyeing hair will develop more white hair, but I was not aware of the reason behind. Thereafter, I discovered that chemical hair dyes contains Hydrogen Peroxide which will reduce the Melanin content of the scalp. That is why more white hair will develop using hair dyes. 

My friend recommended Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment to me. I then decided to try using Bee Choo Origin herbal hair treatment to cover up the white hair, which I felt more secure and safe. After underwent Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment for more than a year, I was surprised that white hairs are not visible! Just like what the hair care consultant at Bee Choo Origin mentioned: Healthy black hair will grow if the scalp and hair could consume herbs. It is really cool!

Bee Choo Origin Farlim, Penang Branch, Tel: +604-827 8869


My dandruff problem was very troublesome, as it made the scalp itchy and very often, it dropped on the clothes. This made me uncomfortable. At the beginning of year 2011, I came across Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment. From that onwards, I started their hair treatment and using their products. As a result, I no longer have dandruff problem and itchy scalp due to sweat. Sebum production has also more balanced. Now my hair becomes healthier and glossy. I am really thankful to the products of Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment which reduce the burden and maintaining good condition of my hair.

Bee Choo Origin Cheras, KL Branch, Tel: +603-9274 9028

Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Awards from Singapore to Malaysia

Bee Choo Origin is the largest herbal hair treatment salon that delivers effective hair and scalp treatment in Malaysia, originating from Singapore. There are 21 outlets in Singapore, 76 outlets in Malaysia and more than 137 outlets across Asia Pacific. Every year we serve millions of happy customers with effective and proven results with affordable prices. Known for providing effective, affordable scalp treatment, postnatal hair loss treatment, oily itchy scalp treatment, dandruff treatment, amongst other hair issues.

A recognised household brand name, established since 2000, our founder Madam Cheah Bee Chew and her brand has won numerous accolades from Singapore and Malaysian Agencies. To know more about our founder and our business ethics, you may read these two articles written by Business Times Singapore titledPower of testimonies drives business growth” and “Sincerity before profit“.

Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment Affordable Pricing

We are probably one of the herbal hair treatment establishment that is very transparent and honest about pricing. Our prices are calculated based on your hair length between RM 95 to RM 183 for a one session herbal hair treatment. You may choose to make upfront payment before treatment 🙂 Both effective and affordable hair treatment for your hair issues.

Give your hair a chance at the Best Herbal Hair Treatment in Malaysia – affordable treatment, effective and reasonable for your budget 🙂 Try it out and visit the outlet nearest to you today!

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