About Us


Origin Herbal Hair Treatment was founded by it’s current director Cheah Bee Chew. The business started out as a home-based herbal hair treatment solely catering services to the founder’s friends with hair problems. Soon, by words of mouth, the number of customers increased such as the home-based business is no longer enough to cater to all the customer needs, thus, Origin Herbal Hair Treatment was born.

Now with fully-operating outlets in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, Origin Herbal Hair Treatment aims to help people solve their hair problems through the use of Chinese Herbs.

With proven results in controlling oiliness of scalp, hair loss, dandruff and growth of white/grey hairs, we aspire to share our expertise to people who needs help in solving their hair problems.

Oirgin Trademark CertificationCertified with ISO 9001, Bee Choo Herbal Hair Treatment surpassed the stringent criteria of the ISO standards and demonstrates consistent ability to enhance customer satisfaction and assurance to deliver quality service.