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Let us explain briefly about Do & Don'ts to you...

It is recommended that you should also
* cut down on oily food
* get enough rest and sleep
* try not to stress yourself
All these factors can lead to hair loss. For more acute hair loss condition, you may seek Chinese physician to assist in controlling your hormones unbalance that cause hair loss and combine with our herbal treatment to see faster result.
If you do not have hair loss or oily scalp problem, the treatment also helps cover grey hair, stimulate new hair growth and improve hair texture. As recommended, you may follow our normal recommendation to treat your hair once every 2-3weeks.
Yes. Before the herbal treatment, we will apply olive oil at the hair ends to soften and protect the hair during the steaming process, thus applying serum or cream does not affect the herbal treatment.
Yes, you can still go to work after the herbal treatment and there is no smell or colour. After the herbal treatment, you will experience discoloring during your first few washes. This is normal as your hair is absorbing the herbal ingredients which help to make the herbal treatment effective.
Our treatment is not henna; we are using 100% Chinese herbs. We prepare the herbal treatment by cooking the Chinese herbs. Whereas for henna, after you choose the desired colour, hot water, tea or coffee is added into the henna powder to form the henna paste. Customer who experience discomfort, redness or itchiness on their scalp after the henna treatment, do not experience any of the earlier mentioned after doing our Herbal treatment.
Yes, but we strongly discourage you to do it. The herbal elements will stay on your scalp for 2-3 weeks, therefore making it effective, thus chemical is unable to penetrate into the hair. We will advise you to refrain from any coloring, perming, rebonding or performing any chemical process to your hair for at least 3 weeks to allow the herbal ingredients to be fully absorbed into your scalp, before you do any chemical process.
It is not necessary, as our herbal treatment is targeted to remove oil and dirt on the scalp. But you may request to have your hair washed before the treatment, if you feel more comfortable that way. For guys with styling gel, wax or clay, you can inform us and we will gladly wash away the styling substance on your hair.