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Difference with Henna

Bee Choo Origin Herbal Formula is NOT Henna. Many consumers mistaken the herbal formula used by Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment as Henna. Below FAQs clarifies the differences between the two:

Henna Powder

Herbal Powder

There is certainly no Henna component in our herbal cream. We use 100% Chinese herbs and herbal powder only.
We use 100% Chinese herbs and herbal powder to cook and prepare into paste-like herbal formulation. As these ingredients originate from natural sources, thus it will smell similar to Henna (a kind of plant). Henna is made by drying and grinding the leaves of a kind of tree. Usually people mixed this with other ingredients like lemon juice or tea to create a semi-liquid consistency for use in body art or dye for white hair.
It is different. We use 100% Chinese herbs to prepare our herbal formulation, through cooking over moderate heat to enhance the effect of the essences of the herbs. The types and proportion of the Chinese herbs used in our herbal cream is unique to Bee Choo Origin. The use of Henna to cover white/greying hair had been used widely, especially in the Indian community. Many salons are also introducing Henna hair dying in replacement of chemical hair dying. Henna hair dying is even available in different colours for consumers’ preference.
The reddish orange colour which is seen after our treatment process comes from the Chinese herb, Polygonum Multiflorum commonly known as He Shou Wu. Our herbal cream is specially cooked over moderate heat which enhances the absorption of the essence of Chinese herbs by the scalp and hair. For Henna, the colour is usually derived from the plant Lawsonia Inermis, which has no benefiting properties to one’s scalp.
The below table detail the key differences.
HennaBee Choo Origin Herbal Formula
Curb Hair LossNoYes
Reduce Dandruff ProblemNoYes
Chemical FreeNoYes
Require CookingNoYes
Reduce Oily ScalpNoYes
Promote hair growthNoYes
Promote black hair growthNoYes
Suitable for Sensitive scalpNoYes
Cover White/Grey HairNoYes
Variety colour to chooseYesNo
Under ‹ $20YesNo
The basic distinction between our herbal cream and Henna is that our formulation helps to promote hair growth and reduce hair loss. The ingredients in our herbal cream cleanse the scalp and through the steaming process, essence of the Chinese herbs is further absorbed by the scalp, boosting hair growth.

On the other hand, Henna treatment tends to cause the hair to become dry and wispy. This diminishes the effect of perming or rebonding, making it impossible after the Henna treatment. But at Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment, our process bring our natural softness of ones’ hair, making perming or rebonding possible 3 weeks after the treatment. These 3 weeks is recommended for scalp and hair to effectively absorb the nutrients after the herbal treatment before any perming or rebonding is done.

Although Henna is derived naturally (from a plant), but through mixing with other ingredients to enhance the colouring properties, it may cause allergy to some consumers. Our herbal cream is 100% naturally and chemical free, thus it will not cause any side effects to sensitive scalp.

Many customers had witnessed the effects of our herbal formula, experiencing delay in white hair growth and supporting black hair growth after a certain number of treatment sessions. Unlike us, Henna only help to cover white/greying hair and needs to be done frequently for consistent coverage.